Temperature Controlled EPS Foam Box (75L)


includes foam box, cardboard box and labels. (please refer to product pictures for details)

Please allow for 4-5 days delivery lead time.

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  • Certified to ship Cat A & Cat B Samples
  • Validated with multiple payloads
  • Validated to -20c for 144 hrs.
  • Validated to -60c for 102 hrs.



  • Transport and storage of refrigerated and frozen foods
  • Transport and storage of frozen pharmaceuticals, laboratory specimens, serums, vaccines, human organs, culture packs, nuclear & isotope materials.
  • Pharmaceuticals direct to physicians, pharmacies, home.
  • Specimen transport from clinical sites to a central laboratory, patients to lab.
  • Tissue research and development.
  • Blood,Plasma, Tissue Biologics collection and transport.



  • 1/3 payload with 40.9Kg of dry ice – temperature @ -73.1°C after 144 hours
  • 2/3 payload with 20.5Kg of dry ice – temperature @ -20°C after 106 hours