BBQ food package for 10pax


A hassle free package of premium BBQ food, ready to grill. So you can enjoy the gathering and quality food, without worries!

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Items include:


1 Buttered Sweet Corn Cob (5pcs)

1 Japanese Sweet Potatoes (5pcs)


-Sausages & Prepared Food

1 Cheese Frank (6pcs)

1 Chicken Frank (10pcs/pkt)

1 Garlic Bread (1 roll/10pcs)


-Meats & Poultry

1 Chicken 2-joint Mid-Wings Signature Marinade (700g/ 12-15 pcs)

1 Herb Rosemary Lamb Loin Chops (500g/4-5 pcs)

1 Korean Style BBQ Chicken (Dak Gogi) (500g, 5-8pcs)

1 Southern BBQ Sirloin Steak (500g/5 pcs)

1 Teriyaki Chicken Skewers (8s)



1 Garlic Butter Clams in Foil (500g)

1 Market Fresh Sea Prawns Medium (500g/14-20pcs)

1 Sambal Squid (Sotong) in Foil (5 mini foil packets ~ 500g)

1 Herb Lemon Butter Dory Fillet (5 mini foil packets ~ 500g)



1 Raw Chicken Satay with Sauce (50 sticks)